What to do when flood hits your home

How to react when a flood hits your home.

A small leak behind the wall that’s gone un-noticed for months which finally rears its disastrous head, or a burst pipe which floods yours and your neighbours home. Even a small amount of water can be not only dangerous and scary, but potentially cause a whole load of ongoing problems in your home. The risks aren’t just from soggy furnishings so we have put together some key advice to keep you and your family safe when disaster strikes.

Firstly, keep away from the water.

If you’re not sure where exactly the leak has started then there’s a chance it could be waste water. Keeping children and animals away from it will ensure they don’t get sick from contaminated water.

Even if you’re sure you know that it is fresh water it may be coming in to contact with live electrical wires behind the walls so you run the risk of electric shock.

This leads us on to precaution number 2.

Turn off your water, electricity and gas supply.

Please note that if the fuse box is at all damp or looks as though it may be over heating call a professional immediately and do not touch it.

If it is dry and away from the flood area then switch off all mains electricity power. If any gas appliances may have been affected by the flood you will need to shut off your main gas supply too. There should be a handle next to your gas meter which you can turn to 90 degrees from the gas pipe.

Find the stopcock to stop your water supply. Either the local stopcock if the flooding is coming from a single tap or toilet, or the main house stopcock which is usually found under the kitchen sink. The sooner you do this the less water will be able to pass through to flood your home.

Find a professional.

Even if the flood isn’t too bad, you’ve DIY’ed a fix and things just need a bit of drying out, it’s worth calling a professional to check any underlying problems such as non-visible water damage. Also, a professional will be able to gauge how safe it is for you turn your gas, electric and water supply back on.

The friendly team at Trojan Construction and Environmental Services will be able help. We offer fixed and affordable pricing with no nasty surprises and a 24/7 emergency call out so we are here whenever you need to contact us.


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