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Our business isn’t in selling grease traps but we do see enough of them on our emptying rounds. This makes us somewhat of an impartial expert on the subject and we wanted to share our ‘wisdom’ with you.

All restaurants, hotels and cafes who produce food really should consider a grease trap to save a whole lot of time and money calling us out when the fats and oils clog the drains and cause a lot of disruption.

We thought we’d put together this list of the top 5 things you must consider to make the most out of your commercial grease trap for your business.

Size: There’s a time element necessary to separate grease from the water so the size of the tank is essential to consider. The bigger the tank the better the grease will separate. In a 300 litre grease trap there’s 5 minutes”. This is enough time for most grease to separate. In a 100 litre grease trap there is much less time before it fills and flushes through.

Emptying: For optimum performance commercial grease traps should be emptied once a month at least. Waiting until the authorities prompt you to have the grease trap emptied can result in a blockage or unsanitary smell. If you do not regularly have your grease trap emptied then the performance of it will gradually deteriorate. Keep the cost down by choosing Trojan to give you a fixed, affordable price plan and reliable service.

Warning, if you don’t empty your grease trap: Quite simply your grease trap becomes redundant and the grease and fat from your kitchen will be deposited into your drains. This will over time form solid and impassable formations which can cause major problems for your building drainage and require expensive drain flushing or even the need to replace areas of the drain if damage is too significant.

Myth busting, can bacteria eat grease and reduce the need for emptying fortnightly or monthly? The short answer is that yes, bacteria can digest fat. However, in commercial kitchens the volume of hot water and detergents are likely to kill off the bacteria. It is still recommended, even when using bacteria or enzymes in your grease trap to have it emptied monthly.

What are my other options? The only other option is to invest in an automatic grease removal unit. These ensure the grease trap is efficient and disposes of waste daily. The unit will need to be maintained still and because they have electrical elements they will require servicing. Failure to properly maintain an automatic grease trap will also result in the system not performing and ultimately in blocked drainage.

Remember: When it comes to emptying commercial grease traps be sure to choose Trojan for fixed and affordable pricing and a friendly, reliable service.

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